Voice Services

Sync Call Recording

Does your business require phone transactions to be recorded? Are you looking for a tool to improve your staff’s customer service skills?

Whatever your application, Sync Call Recording gives SyncGlobal voice customers easy-to-use, easy-to-retrieve audio call documentation.

Sync Call Recording benefits

  • Send conference call recordings to key personnel that missed the call.
  • Provide confirmation of phone-in orders and requests.
  • Utilize live scenarios to train customer service staff.

Sync Call Recording features

  • Choose to record a line, a department or your entire business group.
  • Access your recordings through a secure Web portal.
  • Download only the recordings you need.

Sync Call Recording PDF

For more details or to add this feature to your SyncGlobal services, contact SyncGlobal’s Sales and Customer Service Department at 678-821-1138 or .