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SyncGlobal Telecom History

2001 was an interesting time to launch a communications company. The telecom boom of the late 90’s had just crashed. Over investment in the telecommunications industry created excess capacity as demand did not follow supply. Many companies went bankrupt when short term debts could not be repaid. Many jobs were lost. Venture capital dried up.

So it was in this post-crash environment that SyncGlobal received its Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and Interexchange Carrier (IXC) licenses (registered under DoveTel Communications, LLC. d/b/a SyncGlobal Telecom). In light of the economic realities facing the industry, most local service providers were simply reselling other companies’ voice and data products to metro-area customers. They were looking for rapid ROI with minimal capital outlay. Although the timing was not ideal, SyncGlobal went in the opposite direction.

We established headquarters in Bremen, Georgia, the hometown of our Founder and CEO, and set out with three goals:

  1. Deliver professionally engineered, customized communications solutions for business class customers.
  2. Provide customer support unmatched in its responsiveness and effectiveness.
  3. Be easy to work with.

To accomplish these goals, we had to limit our dependence on other service providers and, instead, make a long-term commitment to advance the communications infrastructure of West and Northwest Georgia. With support from local businesses and municipalities, SyncGlobal (FKA SynchroNet Global) won an open bid to implement a fiber optic network for broadband expansion in West Georgia. This initial 30-mile fiber route was completed in 2003, establishing backbone connectivity between Carrollton, Bremen, and Villa Rica.

SyncGlobal now has over 250 cable miles of backbone and local fiber facilities with expansion occurring nearly every day. We maintain physical network interconnections with other carriers to extend our connectivity reach to end user locations across the state and across the country. We are a leader in the deployment of next-generation IP telephony. We are changing the way our customers conduct business with affordable fiber connections that deliver practically limitless bandwidth.

This grassroots company is now a seasoned, full-service communications provider, still looking for opportunities to improve the quality of our service by increasing our direct responsibility over anything that affects the customer experience.

Our commitment to “inside out” growth has been guided by the three original goals we set out to accomplish. Today, delivering customized solutions, providing excellent support, and being easy to work with are the cornerstones to each customer relationship.

Additional Company Milestones