We call it DoveTel Center: Our 80,000 square foot data center and headquarters office located on 17 acres in Bremen, Georgia. Bremen has long been an important railroad town, situated at the junction point for regional rail line commerce. Today, DoveTel Center serves a similar role as a hub for communications traffic. SyncGlobal’s fiber lines extend east to Atlanta, north to Chattanooga, south to Carrollton, and west toward Alabama. At the heart of this far-reaching connectivity is DoveTel Center--a high availability environment providing colocation, cloud, and hosted data center services.


DoveTel Center is a secure facility. SyncGlobal provides locked access to the building and to the data center. Private colocation suites are housed within the secure data center area and are outfitted with additional access controls per customer requirement.

  • Card access control system w/picture ID
  • 24/365 NOC security monitoring
  • Advanced video analytic system

Redundant Clean Power

AC and DC power plants are designed to provide continuous, clean power. To keep colocation cost low for our customers, we provide a metered power arrangement rather than a per Amp price structure. SyncGlobal customers only pay for the power actually consumed per kilowatt hour.

  • Dual diesel generators located at opposite ends of property, diverse ATS / fuse panels and wiring
  • Two-weeks of fuel stored on site
  • Backup tank trunks on standby in the event of extended utility outage
  • Clean power, Power Factor 0.99
  • N+1 UPS system
  • Redundant distribution transformers, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) switched redundant distribution transformers
  • Total Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) technology on all panels
  • Spare transformers on site
  • Licensed electricians on staff

Environmental Control

DoveTel Center is equipped to support critical cooling needs with redundant cooling systems, humidity control, and environmental monitoring.

  • Redundant Central Office cooling system
  • Private colocation suites outfitted with individual Mitsubishi conditioning unit per customer specifications, back-up centralized conditioning.
  • Emergency conditioning units on site
  • 24/365 temperature monitoring provided by Network Operations Center (NOC)

Fire Protection

  • FM-200® (heptafluoropropane) fire suppression system
  • Private colocation suites receive individually configured FM-200® tank
  • Fire suppression system monitored 24/365 by NOC

Data Center Space

With 80,000 square feet on 17 acres, space availability will never be an issue at DoveTel Center. We offer private colocation suites (custom configured) at prices comparable to typical single cabinet rates and low-cost common area rack/cabinet space.

Fiber Connectivity

SyncGlobal Telecom is a facility-based fiber optic communications provider. Our data center is configured with multiple physically diverse, redundant buried paths facing all directions and reaching key carrier meet-me points in Atlanta and Chattanooga. SyncGlobal fiber routes are managed, protected, and maintained by dedicated SyncGlobal personnel.


We have deployed the best technology across expertly designed diverse and redundant network architecture to provide the most reliable Internet you can get.

  • Upstream provider diversity
  • Access point diversity
  • Route diversity
  • Router redundancy
  • Internet access directly from an ISP
  • Optimal path routing