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Sync Email Faxing

Imagine sending a fax just as easily as you send an email. Now you can with Sync Email Faxing, available for all SyncGlobal customers.

When your business chooses this service, SyncGlobal will provision the users you specify with the ability to send faxes from their PC using their email program. Think of the efficiency that will be gained and the paper that will be saved with this service!

Your email subject line and the email content, along with your user name, will be integrated into a cover page. Any attached documents become the body of the fax. When you click SEND, the fax is on its way! Users will even receive an email with delivery details.

Sync Email Faxing benefits

  • Reduce clutter by reducing printed pages.
  • Send a fax anytime and anywhere you can access your email service.
  • Decrease expenses for paper and ink.

Sync Email Faxing features

  • Unlimited faxing.
  • No hardware or software to purchase for this service.
  • Add and remove users as necessary.

Sync Email Faxing PDF

Contact SyncGlobal’s Sales and Customer Service Department at 678-821-1138 or for more details or to add this service to your SyncGlobal portfolio.