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Sync Conference

Whether it’s planned weeks in advance or needed at the last minute, moderators can host conference call meetings from anywhere at any time with Sync Conference.

Participants can join from any location by simply dialing your conference bridge telephone number and entering the participant code you provide.

SyncGlobal provides three plan options based on the number of participants and hours of recording time. Choose the one that is appropriate for your particular conferencing needs.

Maximum Participants Recording Time
Basic 15 30 minutes
Basic Plus 15 60 minutes
Silver Service 30 120 minutes

There is no equipment to purchase for Sync Conference. One low flat monthly fee covers the 10-digit local number, moderator and participant codes, call recording and Web portal. Optional toll free numbers are available as well.

Sync Conference benefits

  • Join participants from multiple locations via any telephone, eliminating travel costs.
  • Set up a conference call when your business needs it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access from any phone.
  • Rely on secure connections.

Sync Conference features

  • Choose local and/or toll-free dial-in access.
  • Access advanced conference administration through a Web portal for moderators.
  • Toggle call recording on and off as needed through the moderator’s Web portal.
  • Mute/un-mute individually or as a group.
  • Lock the conference.
  • Enjoy music on hold while waiting for conference to initiate.

Sync Conference PDF

For more details or to add this SyncGlobal service, contact SyncGlobal’s Sales and Customer Service Department at 678-821-1138 or .