The communications industry is infamous for confusing customers with an overdose of acronyms, undecipherable invoices (except for the amount due), and service descriptions that explain nothing. Descriptions of data transport options are often particularly confusing. Transport services are not clearly differentiated, and pre-established WAN/LAN management options are difficult to understand.

SyncGlobal takes the mystery out of data transport. Individual site connectivity and wide area network (WAN) designs are custom-engineered through consultation with you, the customer. Together, we establish the bandwidth requirements for each transport segment by examining the services and applications that will traverse the network. Next, we identify the viable connectivity options based on the geographic location of each customer site. We then examine WAN management needs, network security, redundancy options, and growth planning.

The result is a hand-carved, converged network system that supports both voice and data in a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or redundant ring architecture.