At SyncGlobal Telecom, we know that sophisticated technology without the human element has little value. That is why we approach customer care with a simple goal: to be easy to work with. In an industry known for bureaucratic customer service, hidden fees, and purposely confusing technology, being easy to work with can seem like a revolutionary concept.

It starts with network and service design. Our sales staff and engineers work cooperatively with you to hand-carve a solution that solves current communications needs, addresses growth and emerging technology opportunities, and meets budgetary requirements.

Once designed, we continue our high-visibility, easy-to-work-with approach throughout the implementation process. Led by an experienced project manager, the implementation team works closely with you to ensure service is established according to schedule and with minimal disruption.

The high level of accessibility and rapid response SyncGlobal provides during implementation is not a one-time effort. Whether you are reporting a service issue, have questions about an invoice, or need to make an account change, SyncGlobal provides direct access to the appropriate contact.

Hear from a customer :

SyncGlobal’s staff responds promptly and professionally to customers. Whether I am calling for technical assistance, a new seat addition or call flow adjustments, I know my request will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jim Cooley
Practice Manager
West Georgia Gastroenterology