SyncGlobal Internet is designed exclusively for business-class end users. We understand that businesses cannot efficiently operate on best-effort Internet services that are derived from oversubscribed access pools and transported on oversubscribed backhaul circuits. That’s why every SyncGlobal Internet customer receives symmetric, committed Internet access delivered across dedicated transport connections.

We understand that businesses lose money every second Internet access is unavailable. With multi-layered redundancy and diversity built into every aspect of this service, SyncGlobal has raised Internet reliability to an entirely new level.

  • Upstream Provider Diversity – Simultaneous feeds from no fewer than three upstream partners.
  • Access Point Diversity – Interconnection with upstream providers occurs at geographically separated access locations.
  • Route Diversity – Upstream feeds are routed to the SyncGlobal network across geographically diverse fiber routes.
  • Router Redundancy – Multi-protocol network built on multiple, secure, carrier-class core routers.
  • Over 30 private peering relationships allow routing around congested peering points to improve speed.


  • Committed access rate
  • Symmetric upload and download bandwidth
  • Carrier-grade customer premise router
  • Utilization tracking – Monitor Internet utilization via secure online usage graphs
  • Temporary increases provided at no additional cost
  • Easily scalable across Ethernet connectivity

Access Options

  • Internet access available in speeds ranging from 1.5 Mb to 10 GigE.

Hear from a customer :

Wayne Davis Concrete has multiple sites across West Georgia, but I don’t want to deal with multiple telecommunication vendors. SyncGlobal has supplied connectivity and voice service to all our locations, providing business continuity and a single point of contact for all my voice and Internet requests.

Richard Davis
Company Controller
Wayne Davis Concrete