Data Center Services

Managed Firewall Service

Hosted Sync Premium customers and other network service customers* have access to SyncGlobal's Managed Firewall Service provided through carrier-grade edge routing equipment. We customize firewall monitoring rules on an individual business group basis.

Service Details:

  • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
  • Denial-of-Service Protection
  • IP Address Verification
  • DMZ Interfaces

*Service availability limitations may apply.

Contact our Sales and Customer Service Department to begin customizing this service around your specific firewalling needs. 678-821-1138 or

Hear from a customer :

When searching for a product or service from a company, there are several qualities you hope to find; quality products, great client service and continued support. Our experience with SyncGlobal has exceeded in all three areas. They offer state of the art equipment, hands-on training, and exceptional technical support. The icing on the cake for me would have to be the act of professionalism and personable approach in making sure we remain a happy client. Sheila J. Butler and Company gives SyncGlobal two thumbs up!

Sheila J. Butler
Sheila J. Butler and Company, Inc.