Data Center Services

Private Room Colocation

Unlike most data centers, space limitation is not a problem for SyncGlobal. We operate in an 80,000 square foot facility (DoveTel Center) and our attitude about colocation and colocation space is rather unique. We view colocation as an obvious way we can add value to our customers by utilizing our existing data center environment and applying our service provider capabilities. What does this have to do with colocation space? Quite simply, the SyncGlobal business plan is not based on revenue per square foot like other data centers. We can afford to provide more for less.

Service Details

  • Private colocation suite with no per rack/cabinet recurring charge
  • Individual conditioning unit with back-up conditioning
  • Advanced access control and security monitoring
  • Metered Power, 120v or 240V A&B
  • Generator- and battery-backed UPS power available
  • FM-200® (heptafluoropropane) fire suppression system
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Access to affordable, high-throughput SyncGlobal fiber connectivity
  • Access to affordable, high-availability, dedicated Internet access
  • Access to business continuity emergency office space

Price Structure

Like everything we do, the monthly recurring price structure of our private colocation rooms is fair and uncomplicated. Cost elements:

  • Private Room Colo Space (based on square footage)
  • Metered Power (priced per KWH -- basic A&B; UPS backed; UPS & generator backed)
  • Facility Management
  • Network Connectivity
  • 10 Gb
  • 1000 Mb
  • 100 Mb
  • 50 Mb

There are three components to colocation that have the greatest impact on the utilization of a colocation arrangement: space, power, connectivity. Whether the limiting factor is affordability or availability, constraints to any of these essential components will minimize the role colocation can play in your disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

SyncGlobal colocation customers get more out of their colocation arrangements because we have removed the cost barriers and availability limitations on space, power, and connectivity.


The typical SyncGlobal private colocation room is 200 square feet of customizable colo space with a total recurring cost comparable to what you would pay for a single cabinet in a metro data center. We want you to get the most out of your private room colocation room, so we do not charge per cabinet or rack. This is your space; we want you to use it. If 200 square feet is too small or too big, we will be happy to build a room that meets your exact space requirements. Once constructed, the room will be customized to your design specifications.


In our continuous effort to make colocation cost-effective for our customers, SyncGlobal provides metered power pricing rather than power priced per Amp. This limits colocation power cost to the actual power consumed by the colocator's equipment and private room conditioning each month. Whether you choose basic A&B power, UPS-backed power, or power backed by UPS and generator, metered power will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every month.


Even with an abundance of space and affordable power, limited connectivity will limit what you can do with your colocation presence. Real-time replication, file-share servers, cloud computing, and client/server applications all require fast, secure, large-pipe connectivity. For customers with access to the SyncGlobal fiber network, this problem is solved. SyncGlobal fiber customers have the freedom to develop their colocation plan as if the colocation arrangement was located in their own facility because we make the connectivity they need affordable. Our 50 Mb and 100 Mb Ethernet private transport service is priced at T1 and bonded T1 rates. Our Gigabit Ethernet private transport service is priced at typical 10 Mb rates. Our 10 Gig Ethernet private transport service is one-of-a-kind and priced closer to 100 Mb rates.

If extending our fiber directly to your facility is not possible, no problem. SyncGlobal last mile connectivity is not limited to our on-net fiber network. We have invested heavily in network interconnection, which gives us many last mile options at our disposal to connect you to the SyncGlobal network and your colocation arrangement.

Common Area Colocation

SyncGlobal also provides colocation space in a secure common area environment in ½ rack and full rack lease options. Common area colocation tenants receive the same advantage of metered power pricing with redundant power options as private room colocators.