Data Center Services

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage from SyncGlobal provides off-site, redundant storage for customer data back-up. Cloud Storage is the perfect choice for any business needing critical data backed-up in a secure off-site data center environment but wanting a solution that does not require physical colocation and the additional costs of equipment ownership.


  • Access SyncGlobal's hosted file storage cloud over private SyncGlobal connectivity or via secure Internet access.
  • Storage is priced per GB. Pay for only as much as you use.
  • Reasonable cloud access pricing for bandwidth in & out
  • Store and manage any size file.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers from SyncGlobal provide the security and flexibility that businesses need without the up-front cost and ongoing maintenance of traditional servers. SyncGlobal Cloud Servers also save time, with setup within minutes rather than hours.


  • Access SyncGlobal's hosted Cloud Servers over private SyncGlobal connectivity or via secure Internet access.
  • Choose server specifications and only pay for what you use.
  • Servers are fully customizable with root access.
  • Choose from a variety of common operating systems (OS).
  • Free-up internal IT resources for other projects.

Contact our Sales and Customer Service Department to begin customizing this service around your specific data back-up needs. 678-821-1138 or