Voice Services

SIP Trunking

SyncGlobal Telecom has been at the forefront of IP telephony deployment for years. We were an early participant in softswitch technology and deployed redundant IP trunks within our original long distance and 911 voice architecture.

SyncGlobal SIP trunks are a flexible, cost-effective voice solution using proven, reliable technology. Like PRI service, SIP trunks interface with a customer PBX phone system providing two-way talk paths that can be oversubscribed to the number of users. In a multi-site customer environment a single SIP connection can serve all business group locations; thereby, eliminating the cost of individual voice services at each site.

Unlike PRI’s, SIP integrates voice with Internet and data traffic on a single network allowing more efficient use of bandwidth. SyncGlobal manages QoS across the network ensuring voice traffic priority. SIP trunks also provide greater scalability than PRI’s. With SIP, you are not limited to increments of 23 talk paths. We will help you determine the appropriate number of talk paths to start with and then monitor your call volume. Adding SIP talk paths is easy and can be done at anytime. The combination of this flexible voice service and SyncGlobal’s attentive support ensures that your callers will never hear a busy signal, and you will never pay for unnecessary voice capacity.

For PRI users interested in upgrading to SIP service, SyncGlobal will help make the transition easy. We can provide both voice services simultaneously so the migration to SIP will be done at whatever pace is works for you.

Service Details

  • Integrates voice with private data and Internet on a single network
  • Managed QoS across WAN delivers multi-tiered prioritization capability
  • Caller ID included at no additional cost
  • DID Numbers
  • Operator Services
  • Supports multi-site deployment on a single service
  • Nomadic 911 Emergency Services
  • Emergency inbound call forward/redirect
  • Access to competitively priced Long Distance service
  • Expanded Local Calling Area (available for additional fee)