Voice Services

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PRI service is a voice-only solution that interfaces with a customer PBX phone system providing 23 simultaneous two-way talk paths for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) access. With PRI service, end users are able to save money by oversubscribing the PRI talk paths to the number of active Direct Inbound Dial (DID) phone numbers.

When it comes time to upgrade from PRI to SIP, SyncGlobal will help make this transition easy. We can provide both local services simultaneously so the migration to SIP will be done at whatever pace is appropriate for you.


  • Voice only
  • Caller ID included at no additional cost
  • DID Numbers
  • Operator Services
  • 911 Emergency Services
  • Emergency inbound call forward/redirect
  • Access to competitively priced Long Distance service
  • Expanded Local Calling Area (available for additional fee)