Data Transport

MPLS, The Basics

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a data-carrying, packet-forwarding technology. To better understand MPLs, it is important to distinguish it from access technologies, such as DSL, T1, or Ethernet. MPLS, by itself, is not a transport medium. Rather, it is a technology that can be utilized across a multi-site environment regardless of the transport medium or protocol being used.

MPLS allows for efficient traffic management so voice, video, and private data applications can be supported on a single network and effectively prioritized in a limited bandwidth environment. MPLS also provides for full-mesh topology on a carrier network, so each individual customer site in a multisite network can send and receive data directly from site to site without having to home back to a central location.

MPLS and SyncGlobal

MPLS is one of many technologies that SyncGlobal engineers have at their disposal as they design, implement, and manage each unique customer network. MPLS is a useful network tool; however, it exists primarily because nearly all markets are without an affordable, large bandwidth, private transport service alternative. SyncGlobal provides this preferred alternative to customer locations within our primary network footprint. We own an infrastructure that allows us to do such things as provide private Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mb) connectivity at a cost comparable to what you would typically pay for a 10 Mb connection across an oversubscribed carrier backbone. When bandwidth limitation is not a concern, traffic engineering gets a lot easier. At private line network sites where bandwidth limitations do exist, our custom private designs allow for full traffic priority management and efficient throughput utilization.

Of course SyncGlobal provides connectivity to customer locations all across Georgia and across the country. SyncGlobal’s carrier partnerships and interconnection arrangements allow us many options for extending connectivity, while maintaining provider control, to customer locations throughout North America. MPLS as one of the transport technologies that we use to establish seamless network connectivity wherever our customers do business.

Hear from a customer :

Our rapidly growing company was in dire need of significantly better telecommunications service, bandwidth and dependability. Fortunately we found our answer locally. SyncGlobal now provides our domestic voice, network and Internet services at a significantly better cost, much improved customer service, bandwidth and uptime than the Fortune 100 company they replaced.

Dan Horton
Chief Information Officer
Janus International, Temple