Data Transport

Ethernet Private Transport

SyncGlobal specializes in bringing fiber directly to the customer premise. By extending our on-net fiber plant to your facility, we are able to deliver high-speed Ethernet Private Transport (EPT) service at rates comparable to traditional low bandwidth copper circuits. Customer by customer, we are changing the way West and Northwest Georgia does businesses by removing the cost barrier for dedicated, large bandwidth network connectivity.

Our EPT service is a truly private, managed service that utilizes SyncGlobal fiber and carrier-grade customer premise electronics. This service will support the transparent delivery of customer traffic or can be custom provisioned by our engineers for Layer 2 (switched) or Layer 3 (routed) network designs.


  • Private, point-to-point connectivity
  • Dedicated transport
  • Transfers voice, data, and video across multi site environment
  • Most secure connectivity option available
  • Supports class of service (CoS) traffic prioritization
  • Supports quality of service (QoS) protocols
  • Monitored and maintained by SyncGlobal’s Network Operations Center

Bandwidth Options:

  • 50 Mb
  • 100 Mb
  • 1000 Mb
  • 10 Gb

Hear from a customer :

Our rapidly growing company was in dire need of significantly better telecommunications service, bandwidth and dependability. Fortunately we found our answer locally. SyncGlobal now provides our domestic voice, network and Internet services at a significantly better cost, much improved customer service, bandwidth and uptime than the Fortune 100 company they replaced.

Dan Horton
Chief Information Officer
Janus International, Temple