Voice Services

Hosted IP PBX

Hosted Sync Premium is SyncGlobal Telecom’s hosted IP PBX service –- a fully-managed, end-to-end telephony solution providing local and long distance voice, plus an enterprise-quality IP phone system in a hosted environment.

Our hosted voice service is designed for business-class end users that want all the features and functionality of a full-scale IP PBX without the enormous entry and maintenance costs that come with owning an IP phone system and without the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

Hosted Sync Premium customers have no phone hardware to purchase, maintain, or support. We provide the desktop IP handsets. We provide the customer premise routing equipment. We provide the core network components. We provide it all, and we manage it all. From your desktop phone to our core equipment, SyncGlobal manages quality of service (QoS) across the network to ensure voice quality and service reliability.

Hosted Sync Premium is an excellent choice for:

  • Small to mid-sized businesses that will benefit from the functionality and features of an IP PBX, but have too few users to justify the upfront and ongoing costs that come with owning a full-featured IP phone system
  • Traditional PBX owners looking for an alternative to replacing failed components and end-of-lifecycle equipment
  • Multi-site end users wanting to cap their PBX investment but still need new locations to be included in their voice network for station-to-station dialing and integrated call management
  • Any commercial enterprise that wants all the features and functionality of a full-scale IP PBX without the enormous entry costs, maintenance costs, and headaches that come with owning or expanding a premise phone system
  • One vendor for phone, voice, and data
  • Technology advancements of VoIP without the enormous capital investment
  • Turnkey solution
  • No obsolete equipment concerns
  • No expensive software updates
  • Flexibility and scalability