Voice Services

Training Center

SyncGlobal continually looks for ways to be easier to work with and to make transitioning to our services a better business decision. Investing in our training center is one way we do that.

Our state-of-the-art facility was built with your business in mind because it…

  • saves time. We can train up to 12 people in a single session versus 12 staff in an entire day when done one-on-one.
  • provides more information. Your staff receives more in-depth instruction of the available features and learns from co-workers’ questions.
  • reduces stress at turn-up. Employees are less intimidated when they know what to expect.
  • affords seamless transitions. With a staff trained on “day one,” the only difference your customers will notice is the improved speed and quality of your service.

New phone service means new handsets. New handsets mean new buttons and different keystrokes.

  • “How do I transfer a call?”
  • “How do I set up my voicemail?”
  • “How can I retrieve a call on another phone?”

We understand how intimidating it can be to walk into work and find a new handset on your desk. That’s why we host a staff training session in our training center a couple of days before your scheduled turn-up. Throughout the training, you have the opportunity to hear and to see how the new phones will function in your business and to practice answering, transferring, parking, and holding calls on Aastra 57i handsets just like you will find on your desk after turn-up. Each user will also receive a training guide that outlines the steps for these and many other call scenarios.

Additionally, users will receive hands-on training in CommPortal, the online application that allows users to control behaviors of their individual lines. This introduction will utilize the users’ individual lines, if possible.

Training sessions will also include voicemail instructions for setting up greetings and retrieving messages. If your business group’s pre-provisioning allows, users will be able to access their new voicemail account and preset its functions before turn-up.

A few weeks after your service turn-up, SyncGlobal provides additional training for Business Administrators. Again, we utilize the training center to offer an administrator the opportunity to learn more about the Hosted Sync features as they apply to his or her business. The administrator also discovers how to answer common user questions.