Our Company


SyncGlobal Telecom is a technology company. Founded by an engineer and staffed with telephony and data network expertise throughout, our technological capabilities run deep and drive company development.

We did not spring up overnight by acquiring an existing network, nor did we leap into business as a reseller with no network facilities. We built SyncGlobal from the ground up – in response to customer need – and we built it right. Today, we operate a world-class infrastructure that is the result of the best technology deployed across expertly designed and managed network architecture.

  • Our core network infrastructure consists of 100% carrier-grade equipment and a high-availability design, including active component redundancy and pre-configured on-site spares.
  • Customer premise network equipment is selected and configured to meet the specific traffic mixture of each customer. Our Carrier Ethernet networks are designed with robust edge equipment for QoS/CoS management and easy scalability.
  • SyncGlobal telephony services originate from our advanced softswitch technology providing high-quality, reliable TDM and IP dial tone, and feature-rich hosted IP PBX solutions.
  • A multi-protocol network built on multiple, secure, dual carrier-class core routers anchors our Internet service, which has been engineered with obsessive layers of redundancy and diversity.
  • The SyncGlobal Central Office and Data Center features FM-200® fire suppression, multi-layered redundant design for critical power and environmental control, and advanced security and access control.