Customer Support

NOC Trouble Reporting: 678-821-1NOC

To report a non-emergency service issue, utilize SyncGlobal’s email ticketing system.

  • Email
  • Include the following:
  • Customer name
  • Name of person reporting the issue
  • Office and cell number of person reporting
  • Service location(s) experiencing the problem
  • Description of service issue

Upon receipt of the email, SyncGlobal’s ticketing system will send an automatic reply to the customer email address that initiated the ticket. The reply email will confirm receipt of the trouble ticket and contain the SyncGlobal-assigned ticket number associated with the trouble ticket.

To speed trouble resolution, please provide a thorough description of the service issue. Customers will be contacted directly if additional information is needed. An update will be provided via email or by phone as soon as information is available.

NOTE: Trouble reports sent to any SyncGlobal email address other than will not be automatically entered into SyncGlobal’s ticket tracking system and response cannot be guaranteed.

NOC Trouble Reporting Procedure PDF